I work with my clients to help them live an empowered life. A life that is of their own design and one where they are in the drivers seat. I help clients find alignment in the health of their mind, body, and spirit through: Massage Therapy, Shamanic Energy Healing, Therapeutic Movement, Meditation & Activations. Together we will create a plan to help you find your vitality; your own inherent light, and your self-healing capabilities.


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Massage Therapy

Experience the restorative qualities of my integrative and therapeutic massage practice. I work with you to create a massage experience that leaves you feeling restored, recovered, and revitalized. I take a holistic approach to my practice, offering therapeutic massage that includes techniques taken from many modalities, including but not limited to: Sports Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Massage, Deep Massage with Energy, and Shiatsu. I believe that the human body has the ability to heal itself and that massage can help to facilitate that process.


Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing sessions support and empower you to connect with your own natural healing abilities. Schedule a Shamanic Energy Healing session today if you are feeling out of balance, energetically depleted or overly excitable, not like yourself, like you are lacking purpose, or if you are ready to step into your full personal power. Shamanic Energy Healing sessions are offered in-person and remotely.

Therapeutic Movement

Therapeutic movement sessions work to create clear energy flow, strength, body awareness, flexibility, and energetic, internal harmony. Our bodies crave movement, they need movement to keep our blood, lymph, and energy flowing, our joints healthy, and our muscles strong. I offer a therapeutic blend of Qigong, Thai Range of Motion, and Deep Yogic Stretch, to help your body feel its best.


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Healing sessions support you to find your own innate healing capabilities and your own true power, strength, and clarity.

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