Shamanic Energy Healing

The ancient and beloved Shaman are the Earth Keepers, the Seers, and the ones who heal. They heal through ancient practices, handed down from generation to generation, and with great reverence for Mother Earth, the animal spirit, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the stars, the cosmos, and life itself. The Shamans utilize ancient tools to help their patients rewire the brain and their thoughts, clear and strengthen the body, and enliven and ignite the spirit. I embarked on my education in shamanism with the intention of self-healing. I had lived a life with extensive trauma and many behaviors and core beliefs that were unsustainable and full of fear and illusion. My teacher, Ray Crist, started on this journey, of Shamanism in 2002, when he was presented with a life threatening diagnosis of terminal cancer - he was given 3 months to live and was told to get his affairs in order, to get ready to die. He didn’t accept this message, and instead went on a mission to find a Shaman, he found three, deep and high in the mountains of Peru. These Shaman healed Ray and Ray became a Shaman’s apprentice, given the gift and duty to share these teachings, of Shamanism, with the World, especially those inhabiting North America. It’s through Ray’s pure and authentic embodiment of this medicine that I was healed and why I stand here today, ready to share these gifts, this medicine for empowerment and health, with others.

I’m excited to work with you and to share Shamanic Healing, passed on, with love and trust, from the Incan Shaman’s of Peru.

Each Shamanic Energy Healing session will last 60 minutes. I will utilize ancient Shamanic practices and will also integrate energy healing from multiple modalities including Lovelight energy, Reiki, and my own innate healing intuition.

Shamanic Energy Healing sessions are offered as distance sessions and in-person sessions.

Shamanic Energy Healing. . . $125