Therapeutic Movement Sessions

Therapeutic movement is an essential part of health; not only for our bodies, but for our mind and our spirit, as well. Therapeutic movement works to create clear energy flow, strength, body awareness, flexibility, and energetic, internal harmony. Our bodies crave movement, they need movement to keep our blood, lymph, and energy flowing, our joints healthy, and our muscles strong. I offer a therapeutic blend of Qigong, Thai Range of Motion, and Deep Yogic Stretch, to help your body feel its best. I meet each client where they are at in the process of being fully present and healthy in their bodies. It’s never too late to start and anyone is capable. We will work together to create freedom of movement, vitality, strength, and calmness of mind. The body, and it’s engagement of therapeutic movement is key to overall harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

Feel aligned. Feel strong. Feel clear. Feel Vibrant.